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Are you an independent musician?

Join our vibrant cooperative community of thriving artists and let it boost your professional journey with the funds and budget-friendly services, which provides small cash injections on members’ career – without breaking the bank.

Craft your art, grow as a business. Here, artists help each other thrive!


Where Inclusivity Meets Creative Empowerment!

No matter your background, style, nationality, or genre, our platform is dedicated to bringing together independent professionals who are developing their careers online. We believe in collaboration and growth, ensuring that everyone has a chance to succeed.

You're welcome to join if you're an independent musician, singer, blogger, influencer, dancer, or any creative individual exploring opportunities to expand your horizons. Our diverse community awaits to support you on your path to success. Be a part of our socio constructive platform, and let's grow together!

How it works

Image of a group of people
FUNDING ROUND: You can choose from one of the groups that the system has put together, where creatives collaborate to pool funds for the current round. As an example, consider joining a group of 1,000 musicians!
Image of a ticket
LET’S COLLAB: Joining is as easy as contributing just $2 for each entry! Members are also free to contribute more if they wish to have more entries, increasing their chances of receiving funding this round. Let the fun and collaboration begin!
Image of us searching for people to join to your group
THE SYSTEM: The system efficiently handles the task of locating other creative minds to contribute alongside you in the group of your choice. After swiftly managing this process, the system also schedules an exciting prize draw date for your group — an event to look forward to with enthusiasm!
Image of a computer selecting people
THE PROCESS: On the scheduled day, our system divides the group into several smaller subsets and continues this process until only a few members remain. You have the opportunity to witness all the divisions taking place in our platform.
Image of a winner
THE WINNER: With only a few participants left, the system randomly selects one lucky number to win, who will receive the total funding round. The winner is then announced to all participants. This process is as enjoyable as participating in a prize draw game and can be repeated as much as our members desires.
Image of someone withdrawing the prize
WITHDRAW: As the winner, you can withdraw the entire cooperative funding round amount from your group, by transferring it to your bank account through easy-to-use payment methods. We guarantee secure payments to over 192 countries via Wise and WesternUnion, making the process worry-free and convenient for everyone involved.


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